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Free Text LED Colour Changing Desk Night Light

Free Text LED Colour Changing Desk Night Light

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This Name Only Night Light is a cute gift perfect for any occasion.

This light can be personalised with any name up to 9 characters.

The name will appear in title case.

If you require initials then please make sure you include a space in between the letters

e.g. A R not AR otherwise the second initial will appear in lowercase.


This LED light can be operated by battery or the provided USB cable. Please do not use a lightning USB cable as this may interfere with the functionality. This item requires x3 AA Batteries if not using the USB cable. Batteries are not included.

This light is colour changing and can be changed with a simple touch to the base. The selectable colour options available are:

White Light



Dark blue


Light Blue


These can be set to change constantly or have one specific colour.

Including the base

Height of the product can vary between 145mm and 155mm depending on the length of the name.

Width of the product can very between 140mm and 225mm depending on the length of the name.

The depth is the diameter of the base which is 85mm

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